Assist Access / Maintain Employee
Assist Access / Maintain Employee
Access to reasonable, suitable and sustainable employment is the goal of every individual.The Assist Access / Maintain Employment support service is tailored to the participant‘s specific employment objectives. To fully understand a participant‘s support needs, work experience in an inclusive workplace would be provided.

We’ll provide individualized NDIS assistance to assist your loved ones in making the transition from school to work, collaborating with their families and caregivers to achieve the participant‘s objectives. We can help people with disabilities, find and keep jobs, get promoted to better jobs, upgrade or expand their workplace skills and more. We will assist you to reach your employment goals.

Depending upon your individual situations, access to suitable employment is part of your NDIS plan. Our Assist Access / Maintain Employment is designed to help participants find jobs, get promoted to better jobs, improve their workplace skills and more.

Independent Community Support Services can help you achieve your employment goals.
  • Identifying your skills and interests.
  • Getting your resume ready.
  • Improve your confidence and skills.
  • Look for training classes to enroll in for skill improvement.
  • Make work-related travel plans.
  • Even when you have a job, continue to support you.
We will help them to develop critical skills necessary to help such as , resume writing and interview skills, among others.
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