Short Term Accomodation

NDIS STA in Brisbane

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy your short respite? It’s time to get in touch with Independent Community Support Services, where we provide NDIS STA in Brisbane. So, your search for accommodation now comes to an end. We only search for and provide properties that are disability-optimised. So, if you are a participant, and looking to spend your time in a luxurious place, we are here to meet your needs. You will need to get in touch with us and tell us your requirements so that we can search for the property of your choice.

In the NDIS short-term accommodations in Brisbane, we will provide you with properties that come with parking spaces to help you board your disability vehicles. Besides, the properties that we offer are placed near community centres and recreational places such as shopping malls, shops, sports centres, etc. For this reason, you can easily visit these places and socialise with others.

Why Are Our NDIS STA in Brisbane Perfect For Respite?

Our NDIS STA in Brisbane is popular since they are easily accessible. These accommodations are equipped with walk-in wardrobes, bathroom handrails etc. for the convenience of the participants. Moreover, these accommodations will help you move with your disability aids smoothly. So, if you are looking for a functional property that will make your short stay more enjoyable, you are at the right place.

You can live in respite with or without your support worker. However, if needed, we can arrange one for you as well. To know more about the same, you can reach out to us.

USPs Of Our Short-Term Accommodations in Brisbane

Choose our short-term accommodations in Brisbane since:
  • These properties are easier to access and equipped with all amenities
  • We offer our STA accommodation as per participants’ requirements, to meet their needs
  • Our STAs are disability-friendly as well as functional
  • We ensure comfort and luxury in the accommodations provided by us
To get your questions regarding our Brisbane NDIS STA’s resolved, contact us now.

Some FAQs Regarding Our NDIS STA in Brisbane

Are the NDIS STAs in Brisbane that you provide safe?
At Independent Community Support Services, we only provide safe NDIS STAs in Brisbane since we aim to retain the quality of our services. Moreover, before you book one, you can visit the property and examine it by yourself.
How to book an NDIS short-term accommodation in Brisbane?
To book an NDIS short-term accommodation in Brisbane from us, you will need to connect with us and tell us your requirements so that we can arrange the place for you. All in all, it’s very simple.
Do these Brisbane NDIS STA’s offer functionality and accessibility?
Of course, they do. All the Brisbane NDIS STA’s that we offer are highly functional and accessible. Thus, you will face no issues with moving with your disability aids or getting inside a disability taxi.

Book an NDIS Brisbane STA Today

To schedule an NDIS Brisbane STA today, call 0404 987 885. If you have service-related questions, send an email to [email protected] now.
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